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The Microsoft vs VMware FUD Wars; Let battle commence

short analysis of the battle between Microsoft and VMware

Well, a couple of months ago I warned people that a war of words/blogs/webcast was about to breakout as we neared the release of Microsoft’s HyperV. Personally, I find this stuff very depressing – not least because it's not a two-horse race. There are other virtualization vendors out there other than VMware & Microsoft.

I was going to put together a rebuttal of recent “analysts” that came up on Microsoft’s website. But I honestly can’t be bothered to waste my breathe. So here’s the offending article.

This is the article in question called Six Reasons Why Microsoft’s Hyper-V Will Overtake VMware to Become the Major Player in the x86 Server Virtualization

and this is a searchservervirtualization blog post that more or less agrees with it

Here’s a direct rebuttal from the VMware: Virtual Reality Blog which is called “Recipe for a Catchy Headline: Top ___ Reasons Why VMware is ___ (Fill in the blanks)”


and another servervirtualization post which falls squarely in favor of VMware…

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