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Virtual SAN: Providing a SAN without a SAN

This free Info-Tech report demonstrates how an iSCSI server can be used as a virtual SAN. has partnered with Info-Tech to bring you free virtualization-related reports and accompanying tools for the IT pro.

The report is available for free, but the server virtualization assessment tool requires a short, free sign up.

This month, the editors present the Info-Tech report Virtual San: Providing a SAN without a SAN for the courtesy of our readership.

This free Info-Tech report explains how an iSCSI storage server can be used as a virtual machine, creating a virtual storage area network (SAN).

The accompanying server virtualization assessment tool by Info-Tech can be used in the planning of a virtualized environment to make a comprehensive review of current server assets and to prioritize servers for virtualization.

Get more information on the report and assessment tool here.

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