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Virtualization simplified: 'Virtualization for Dummies' chapter download

If you've struggled with the core concepts of virtualization, take heart: Chapter 1 of Virtualization for Dummies, "Wrapping Your Head Around Virtualization," will bring you up to speed.

"If you have the feeling that everyone else in the world understands virtualization perfectly while you're still...

trying to understand just what it is and how you might take advantage of it, take heart," soothes chapter one, Wrapping your head around virtualization of the recently published Virtualization for Dummies book, authored by Navica, Inc. CEO Bernard Golden.

The chapter explains everything you need to understand to appreciate virtualization as a technology in layman's terms, and is available as a free PDF download.

Golden opens by explaining the most basic of terms, such as guest operating system and host system, and explains how virtualization technology acts like a symphony's conductor for the guest operating systems, the host system, and underlying hardware to create a system that better utilizes available hardware and saves energy and space.

But that's not all there is to it. The chapter also highlights various takeaways, such as the following: "Warning: Virtualization is actually a simple concept made complex by all the exceptions that arise in particular circumstances."

You'll read about the four major drivers for virtualization adoption: underutilized hardware, space concerns, energy costs and administration costs, and learn about the three different types of virtualization (client, server and storage), and the different ways the three types work to virtualize guest operating systems, not forgetting the drawbacks of each.

Virtualization for Dummies retails for $29.99.

Chapter offered for download with permission from John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

This was last published in March 2008

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