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Blades and virtualization learning guide

Get the most important news, tips, advice and white papers about blade servers and virtualization in this fast guide, brought to you by

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Featured News

Virtualization guru expounds on why blades are bad
VMware consultant Rod Lucero says blade servers aren'ta good fit for large-scale virtualization projects.

Virtualization, blades hot for server consolidation
Consolidating servers in the data center is a challenge most IT departments want to address. Virtualization and blades are popular choices, but which is right for you?

Blade servers were nothing to fear, retailer finds
Quixtar, running out of space with its usual rackmount servers, decided to try blade servers for more power inside its data center to speed up server and application deployments.

Blades: Good fit, bad heat, but nothing ugly
Are blades servers the best choice for virtualization? Or are their reputed benefits really not all they're cracked up to be? This article examines these much-hyped servers in terms of their physical space requirements, form and cost.

Dell: Racks, not blades, for better density
Execs at Dell Technology Day in New York City said that blade servers weren't a good fit for many data centers, and that traditional rackmount systems may deliver better density.

Blade servers gain acceptance among enterprise IT managers
Blade servers have gone from an over-hyped technology to a priority purchase for many IT professionals.

Blade servers in virtualization: One size does not fit all
Advice for choosing blade server hardware for virtualization projects from a CDW systems consultant: blade servers and hardware space, blade server design.

IBM promises to boost blade servers and break HP's spirit
IBM's blade server plans for 2006 include a 4x infiniband blade chassis in addition to its existing BladeCenter model, and blades with the new Intel dual-core Dempsey chip.

Server Specs: Blade server roundup
A compilation of blade server news, including IBM's new blade pricing model and HP's acqusition of RLX.

Expert Advice & Analysis

Blades and virtualization: Power, cooling myths and tips
Are blade servers so hot that cooling them runs up power bills? Find out what's true and false about blades' reputation for running too hot, and how to keep these systems from having hot flashes.

Blades and virtualization myths and realities
Early product flaws in blade servers generated horror stories that still live today. In this tip, Barb Goldworm addresses whether or not blades are too expensive, if they require too much power and cooling, and the belief that they're not as powerful as rack servers.

Blades and virtualization myths and realities, part two
In part two, Barb Goldworm addresses the myth that blades have problems in virtual environments since they boot from a SAN, blade I/O limitations and the idea that PC blades are virtual PCs running on blades.

Server consolidation: Why virtualize with blades?
Barb Goldworm discusses the numerous advantages of blade servers, including space savings, improved scalability, reduced complexity and better manageability.

Blades for server consolidation: Some considerations
Blades, in combination with server virtualization, provide a strong foundation on which to build next-generation data centers as part of your consolidation efforts. Contributor Barb Goldworm gives you several considerations that can help you decide if/where/when blades fit best into your consolidation project.

CTO clears air about clusters vs. virtualization, blades vs. racks and more
Server clusters and server virtualization may be two different animals, but they're animals that can work well together in a data center, says Hakon Bugge, founder and CTO of Scali Inc., a Linux clustering systems provider in Marlborough, Mass.

Clustering technologies connect many servers to increase computer power, and virtualization technology creates multiple, isolated server environments on a single machine. In this interview, Bugge explains how these two approaches can be used together, how to choose and provision servers for virtualization and why platform independence matters in virtualized environments.

Heat relief for data centers using blades
Blade servers are selling like hotcakes, but they put out nearly as much heat as the griddle. And while blowing loads of cold air through vents may have staved off the problem temporarily, it just doesn't cut it anymore.

Linux on 64-bit blades: Choosing the right servers and distributions
In order to successfully mix Linux and 64-bit blades, an expert provides some guidelines for hardware and software compatibility.

Cooling high-density racks
SearchDataCenter exepert Steve Madara explains how data center cooling technology has kept pace with equipment densities, and what solutions are available that not only provide the capacity to meet the today's requirements, but have the flexibility to adapt to the next generation of equipment.

Installing and configuring VMWare ESX Server on blade servers
This guide provides instructions for installing and configuring ESX Server on various vendors' blade servers, including servers from HP and IBM.

Webcasts, Podcasts & White Papers

Blade servers: Enterprise considerations - Webcast
Making the move to blades requires thoughtful planning and education. In this webcast, Barb Goldworm discusses the enterprise considerations for assessing, planning for and implementing blades and offers tips for implementing blades and virtualization.

Blades and networking IP, FC and IB - Webcast
In this webcast, consultant Barb Goldworm reviews the networking options and terminology in the blade environment as well as the differences in networking across different blade systems.

Blade server capabilities: Yesterday, today, tomorrow - Webcast

Blades and virtualization - Building blocks for next generation data centers
In this webcast, Industry Analyst Barb Goldworm discusses blade server and virtualization technologies relate, and how they can be implemented together as key building blocks for the future, delivering flexible, dynamic and more manageable Next Generation Datacenters.

Make the Case: Business Case Template for Blade Servers
This job aid, from ZDNet, will help you make the case for putting blade servers in your data center.

To Blade or not to blade - That is the IT question
This paper, published by members of IBM's Server Group, compares IBM BladeCenter with other IBM rack-optimized servers, and shows which may work best in various environments.

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