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How to install VMware on Windows Server 2003 - Fast guide

Installing new software can be difficult, especially with a new technology. Enter VMware expert Andrew Kutz. In this fast guide, he details every part of installing VMware Server on Windows in layman's terms.

VMware expert Andrew Kutz

 This fast guide walks you through all aspects of installing VMware Server on Windows. Expert Andrew Kutz tells you how to do everything from configuring Windows to making sure your security is topnotch with IIS and SMTP to creating a guest operating system.

New to VMware? Start with the first segment and work your way down the list. If you're looking for more specific information, scroll down and check out "Windows security and Internet Information Server," "SMTP and VMware Server" and "Configuring VMware Server."

Introduction: How VMware Server works

VMware Server: As with many free products, there is some assembly required. In the first tip of this series, Andrew Kutz sets the stage for the deployment guide and describes how VMware server works.

Components and preparing the host server

In this segment, Andrew Kutz reveals the important components and services within VMware and explains how to prepare the host severs.

Installing Windows and configuration tips

If you already know how VMware Server works and how to prepare host servers, your next step is to install Windows on VMware as the host server and configure the settings.

Windows security and Internet Information Server

The next step is making sure Windows is secure and installing IIS (Internet Information Server). Read this segment for information on creating a fake admin account, securing the data area, event logs, firewalling, disabling certain services and restricting MIME types.

SMTP and VMware Server

Enabling mail logging and securing the mail server is an important step in getting VMware Server ready. Andrew Kutz goes over SMTP logs, access control, mail directories and VMware server installation.

Configuring VMware Server

This section gets to the meat of this project: The location of your virtual machines, network sharing, security and configuring VMware.

Creating a virtual machine

What good is VMware without virtual machines? Luckily, this is the easy part. Andrew Kutz walks you through virtual machine creation with graphics and how-tos in this segment.

Installing a guest operating system and conclusions

Every machine needs an operating system, virtual or not. Luckily, installing the operating system is the easiest step of all in getting started with VMware Server.

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