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Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise virtualization

In this section, you'll discover the origins of Xen, how it integrates with a Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise environment and caveats to the VM creation process

If you run Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for general-purpose data center operations, you already have the pieces in place for virtualization. With the help of the Xen hypervisor, VM creation requires only a few clicks.

In this section of the open source guide to virtualization platforms, you'll discover the origins of Xen, how it integrates with a Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise environment and some caveats as you go through the VM creation process.

Table of Contents
Citrix Systems XenServer 5.5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise virtualization 

The Oracle VM virtualization platform

The open source Oracle VirtualBox virtualization platform 

Open source virtualization vendor comparisons

Additional resources for open source virtualization platforms 

How Xen works and stacks up against other virtualization technologies
Have you wondered about Xen and how it works? This article outlines the Xen architecture, the backbone of Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise virtualization. Expert Sander van Vugt covers Xen's origins, how it works and compares it with other virtualization platforms.

Xen and virtualization: Preparing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 for virtualization
Because SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a general-purpose server platform, you run the risk of installing unwanted programs in your SUSE environment. So as you install Xen on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, you need to factor in certain considerations. In this tip, we provide step-by-step instructions to get your virtual environment going with fewer hitches.

Virtualization with Xen: How to create virtual machines
Creating VMs with Xen in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is simple with Virtual Machine Manager. This graphical, easy-to-use VM tool works in both paravirtual and fully virtual environments. Find out how to create and manage virtual machines in SUSE Linux Enterprise environments with the Virtual Machine Manager utility.

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