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Open source guide to server virtualization platforms

This open source guide to virtualization platforms covers the major open source hypervisors and server virtualization environments with tips, articles, comparisons and podcasts.

Table of Contents
Citrix Systems XenServer 5.5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise virtualization 

The Oracle VM virtualization platform

The open source Oracle VirtualBox virtualization platform 

Open source virtualization vendor comparisons

Additional resources for open source virtualization platforms 

In this open source guide, we strive to dispel some of the confusion surrounding the leading open source platforms and hypervisors. In many cases, open source virtualization platforms offer the same competitive features, pricing and scalability of their proprietary counterparts and also provide superior support and access to the source code.

So whether you're evaluating open source virtualization products or have already deployed an open source virtual server environment and want further information, this guide covers the issues and questions surrounding installing, configuring and using the leading open source platforms. This guide features tips, walkthroughs, guides and podcasts on all the major open source hypervisors and virtualization environments, including Citrix Systems Inc.'s XenServer 5.5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, Oracle VM and Oracle VirtualBox, as well as a section on how the open source virtualization platforms stack up against the competition.

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