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Open source virtualization vendor comparisons

This virtualization vendor comparison section compares Oracle VM with VMware, Xen with KVM and explains Xen's prevalence in numerous virtualization platforms.

Several virtualization platform vendors offer solid, stable products. But how do such open source virtualization...

offerings stack up against one another? This virtualization vendor comparison compares Oracle VM with VMware and Xen with KVM, and explains Xen's prevalence in numerous virtualization platforms.

Table of Contents
Citrix Systems XenServer 5.5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise virtualization 

The Oracle VM virtualization platform

The open source Oracle VirtualBox virtualization platform 

Open source virtualization vendor comparisons

Additional resources for open source virtualization platforms 

Oracle VM vs. VMware: A closer look
Have you narrowed your virtualization platform choices to VMware and Oracle VM, or do you want to compare Oracle VM with the virtualization leader? Here we compare Oracle VM with VMware and offer other resources, such as tips and articles.

Xen vs. KVM Linux virtualization hypervisors
Linux virtualization supporters fall into two camps: the Xen and KVM factions . Proponents of Xen argue that the Xen virtualization architecture is more robust, enjoys a broad array of management tools and delivers excellent performance. KVM advocates, on the other hand, note that the Kernel-based Virtual Machine architecture is powerful and easy to implement. In this Xen vs. KVM face-off, two virtualization experts debate which open source hypervisor is better.

Xen-based virtualization minimizes hypervisor relevance
Just as the Kleenex brand has become synonymous with tissues, VMware has become the gold standard for virtualization software But VMware's dominance doesn't mean other vendors haven't offered up viable alternatives. Oracle and Citrix have both ventured into the server virtualization marketplace and base their products on open source hypervisor Xen. This article explores how Xen -- with its many advantages, such as lower pricing and robust support -- is positioned to challenge VMware down the road.

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