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Quiz: KVM hypervisor and virtual infrastructure management

The KVM hypervisor is the foundation for Red Hat and Ubuntu virtualization. This quiz covers the KVM hypervisor and KVM virtual machine management tools.

Virtualization School: KVM virtualization

Lesson 1: Xen vs. KVM virtualization

Lesson 2: KVM management tools

Lesson 3: Creating a KVM virtualization environment

In 2007, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) virtualization was released to the open source community. Since then, Linux vendors Red Hat Inc. and Canonical have adopted the KVM hypervisor.

But KVM is an immature platform, and it faces stiff competition from the open source Xen hypervisor, which has a wide ranging feature set and a larger third-party development base.

In our tutorial on KVM virtualization, we review the Xen vs. KVM debate and the differences between the two open source virtualization architectures. We also covered two KVM virtual machine management tools and provided an in-depth look at virsh. Finally, we explained how to configure a KVM host and create KVM virtual machines.

The following quiz tests your knowledge of the KVM hypervisor. Before you take the quiz, refer to the KVM Virtualization School lessons.

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