Quiz: Private cloud characteristics and strategies

Before you take the private cloud quiz, review this study guide and the lessons in our Virtualization School on private cloud computing.

Virtualization School: Private Cloud Computing

Lesson 1: Private cloud 101: Is your data center ready?

Lesson 2: Is virtualization cloud computing?

Lesson 3: Adopting a private cloud strategy

Private clouds and IT as a Service are budding IT technologies, but questions linger about what constitutes a private cloud and the best way to construct one.

Despite the many views, there are common threads for private clouds. Virtualization, for instance, is a crucial part of most private cloud deployments. Also, cloud infrastructures feature extensive automation and on-demand scalability.

In our Virtualization School on Private cloud computing, you've reviewed the characteristics of private cloud. You've also learned the distinctions between a virtualization and private cloud infrastructure as well as how to plan for private cloud deployment.

Now it's time to test your private cloud knowledge. After you complete this eight-question quiz, you will receive your score and get access to additional private cloud resources. Good luck!

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