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Server consolidation and virtualization project planning guide

Combining server consolidation with virtualization can boost server utilization and reduce power consumption. Here are strategies to maximize server consolidation project benefits.

What a waste to run your servers at less than full capacity. It's a shame to let multiple servers consume resources while your company eats the costs.

Server consolidation is necessary to maximize capacity and optimize server resources. Server consolidation makes resource usage more efficient and reduces unnecessary costs, but it can also create confusion. Server virtualization can help by simplifying the complex configurations that consolidating servers and by improving resource sharing.

This server consolidation project guide explains how to plan for consolidation of servers, how to use server consolidation and virtualization in your virtualized data center and how to track the success of your server consolidation project.

Server consolidation project planning

Learn the questions you need to ask before starting a server consolidation and virtualization project. Understand the resources and utilization of individual servers before determining which to consolidate. Ensure that a server consolidation plan does not take up capacity you may need in the future and that a consolidated server has enough computing power to manage the new load. This section outlines critical elements of server consolidation planning.

How to determine what to virtualize
Expert Scott Feuless recommends questions to consider when planning server consolidation with virtualization. Understanding your environment's applications is vital for consolidation, because it helps determine which resources can be successfully virtualized.

Multi-core CPUs, x64 servers advance server consolidation efforts
This article focuses on how multicore processors and x64 servers offer benefits in data center consolidations by increasing server memory and reducing power consumption. Danielle and Nelson Ruest explain how these useful technologies can help with server virtualization projects.

Guest OS virtualization furthers cause of server consolidation
Advance server consolidation by introducing guest operating system virtualization. Experts Danielle and Nelson Ruest recommend several manufacturers that offer server virtualization technologies. Learn how guest OS virtualization tools free an operating system from its hardware, which allows OS movement from one server to another.

Beware of hidden costs in server consolidation or virtualization
Software licensing, hardware infrastructure planning are just a few of the hidden costs involved in server consolidation. To plan your consolidation with efficient financing, check out these tips for cost savings in a data center consolidation project.

Server consolidation: Modeling your consolidation server
An important first step in server consolidation is determining how many machines can be consolidated while still producing the desired performance. Evaluate your servers' CPU utilization, network bandwidth, memory capacity and disk space to determine whether you can safely consolidate servers.

Server consolidation is not all virtualization
Physical server consolidation reduces hardware costs and allows far-flung organizations to decrease the number of sites with unused servers. Taking a head count of servers and combining them physically helps prepare for virtualization.

How to perform server consolidation with virtualization

Once you are ready to consolidate, explore this section for a deeper look at techniques for server consolidation with virtualization. Make your server consolidation project green, contact providers for consolidation tools and learn how to merge physical consolidation with virtualization.

Why virtual systems management tools are central to green IT strategy
Physical server consolidation makes a more green IT environment. Learn how virtual systems management tools increase server consolidation ratios and reduce power consumption to boost green IT benefits.

Tools for consolidation
Check out this list of server consolidation tools providers to start planning your consolidation project. Expert Andrew Kutz responds to a reader's question about tools for planning consolidation and explains that tools often depend on the software and hardware you consolidate. He also discusses why few third-party tools are available.

Server repurposing: Achieving more efficient data center virtualization
Physical and virtual consolidation must occur in tandem for data center operational efficiency. This article explains the limitations of server virtualization and the most effective strategies for server repurposing.

Oracle Server Consolidation tips
Read this expert's personal experience with server consolidation. View examples of consolidation plans, and get an in-depth look at actual server consolidation strategies and why some work and others don't.

After your server consolidation and virtualization project: What next?

You're not done yet! After consolidation with virtualization, it is essential to track the success of your project. Make sure you've reduced costs and power consumption, optimized resource capacity and ensured that your newly consolidated servers function successfully together.

How to measure the success of your server consolidation project
Achieving server consolidation is not the final step in your project. Consolidation is an ongoing process that requires regular monitoring after it is completed. This article explains how to measure data center efficiency and power consumption postconsolidation to ensure success of your server consolidation project with virtualization.

Eight critical tasks to complete after server virtualization
After server consolidation and virtualization, dispose of old physical servers and create a system to apply operating system patches to virtual hosts. This article outlines just a couple of the necessary tasks following a server consolidation project.

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