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The Oracle VM virtualization platform

In this section, find out about Oracle VM, Oracle VM architecture, Oracle VM Templates and how Oracle VM compares with the competition.

In 2007 the software giant Oracle Corp. threw its hat into the server virtualization ring with its release of Oracle VM. Oracle VM, designed around the Xen hypervisor, supports Oracle and non-Oracle applications and was built to support Oracle's strategic plans for server consolidation.

Learn more about Oracle VM, Oracle VM architecture, Oracle VM Templates and how Oracle VM compares with the competition in this section of the open source guide to virtualization platforms.

Table of Contents
Citrix Systems XenServer 5.5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4

Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise virtualization 

The Oracle VM virtualization platform

The open source Oracle VirtualBox virtualization platform 

Open source virtualization vendor comparisons

Additional resources for open source virtualization platforms 

Oracle virtualization introduction guide
If you've considered using Oracle VM in your virtual data center, this Oracle virtualization introduction guide offers some brass-tacks guidance and information. This Oracle VM overview covers Oracle virtualization strategies, virtualization licensing and support, vendor comparisons and more.

Oracle and the rise of the virtual machine
Gone are the days of a single database occupying a single, powerful Oracle mainframe. Virtualization is here to stay, and when it released Oracle VM, Oracle acknowledged this reality. This tip traces the history of Oracle's mainframe dominance and how it plans to integrate Oracle VM into a comprehensive server package.

Oracle's VM Templates show promise
Oracle has demonstrated a strong commitment to open source technologies with the release of Oracle VM Template Builder. Oracle VM Templates are essentially VMs that contain pre-installed and pre-configured software. Learn how this new capability enables IT shops and independent software vendors to address fundamental problems -- such as creating, configuring and deploy applications -- in a low-cost way.

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