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Virtual server sprawl study guide

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of virtual server sprawl, and get more resources on the causes of and solutions to VM sprawl.

Control VM sprawl in your virtual server infrastructure

Lesson 1: Create a server consolidation plan to avoid sprawl

Lesson 2: Curbing virtual server sprawl in growing virtualized environments

Lesson 3: Five virtualization sprawl warning signs

Lesson 4: Virtual machine sprawl prevention FAQs

Quiz: Virtual server sprawl study guide

Virtual server sprawl is one of the most common problems that server virtualization administrators face.

Virtual machine (VM) provisioning is so easy that the number of VMs on your network can quickly grow out of control. Still, identifying the causes of sprawl in your data center can be a challenge.

The Virtualization School on how to control VM sprawl has provided several resources to help your organization find the right solutions to sprawl. Now it's time to find out how much you've really learned about virtual server sprawl.

Take this eight-question quiz on VM sprawl and see how well you do. When you're done, you'll find more resources that will help you prevent or eliminate virtual server sprawl in your infrastructure.

Learn how to identify virtual server sprawl and consider the different solutions to sprawl -- including VM archiving, policy enforcement, capacity planning and lifecycle management -- with this VM sprawl study guide.

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