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Attendee compares VMworld 2009 with European show

Editor Hannah Drake talks with a VMworld 2009 attendee who compares the show with the recent VMworld Europe.

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Attendee compares VMworld 2009 with European show

Hannah: Hi, I'm Hannah Drake, Editor of SearchVMware.com, and I'm here with Simon.

Simon: Hi.

Hannah: Simon, can you tell our viewers a little bit about yourself?

Simon: Yeah. My name is Simon Seagrave from the virtualization site TechHead.co.uk.

Hannah: And he actually went to VMworld Europe this year as well. What do you think of the VMworld U.S. contrasted to VMworld Europe?

Simon: Yeah, much bigger, much bigger. VMworld Europe is a brilliant event but this one is American-sized, much bigger. It’s as good, if not a little bit better.

Hannah: Was there anything else on the show that stood out this year or any takeaway comments?

Simon: It’s a great opportunity to meet your fellow bloggers and v-experts as well. A lot the guys and girls are v-experts based here in the U.S., so it’s a great opportunity to talk to them and make contacts.

Hannah: Great. Thanks for doing the video.

Simon: Thank you.

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