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Best of VMworld 2010 awards

Brian Madden: Thank you for taking the time to join us for our Best of
VMWorld 2010 Awards Presentation. My name is Brian Madden and I
am joined by my co-worker, Jo Maitland.

Jo Maitland: Hi guys. Nice to meet you.

Brian Madden: Jo and I are with TechTarget, and we are happy that TechTarget
was able to sponsor this year's Best of VM World Awards. Jo, we
have a lot of people this year . . .

Jo Maitland: Yes, we have . . .

Brian Madden: . . . who submitted.

Jo Maitland: Yes. We have at least 200 entrants to the show. All of these people
actually had to submit detailed product submissions, so this was
no mean feat for these entrants here. It was an extensive

Brian Madden: As a judge, this is absolutely it. This is based on our judging
panel going around the expo hall, talking to the vendors, and
learning about the products, also looking and reviewing the
packets that they submitted. The packets, by the way, that were
submitted, the judging we have, there is actually eight
different categories that we are judging for awards for this
year's show. I think, Jo, we have done multiple categories in
the past, right?

Jo Maitland: Yes. This is the same deal. The only two new categories here this
year, obviously, you guys know from being at the show the last
few days, are private and public hybrid Clouds. We actually had
entrants in both these categories and some muddling there, in
terms of what is private and what is public Cloud, so we had to
switch some people around to get them in the right category, but
they are the two new ones this year.

Brian Madden: That is part of the fun of doing this, we say, 'No one can
really define exactly what the hell a private Cloud is, but we
wanted you to categorize your products that way and submit.' I
think there is probably a thin client terminal in the private
cloud, as far as we can tell. That said, we got eight individual
categories, we got eight categories that we judge, and we also
have a Best of Show we are doing this year.

Jo Maitland: That winner can only be somebody who is actually won in one of the
other categories, so it is a really big deal. That means they
really stood out, not only in the category they are in, but
across every sector of the marketplace.

Brian Madden: For the judging actually, we have five different criteria we
used for the judging. We are judging these products based on
innovation, based on the value, that is the value they provide
and the value of acquiring, based on their performance, based on
the reliability, or how they impact the reliability of an
environment, and based on ease of use. These were the five
categories that we used to determine our winners and our runners
up. Interesting though, is this judging process, this is a shot
of our room yesterday we used for judging. This was hardcore.

Jo Maitland: These guys, we set around for well over three hours actually, pouring
over this stuff. We eat pizza, this process goes on for a while
and there is quite a lot of debate. I do not want to call it
arguing, but it is a lively discussion and it is a very healthy

Brian Madden: These categories, this is not some kind of BS list. There is
people in the judging who are actually saying, 'No, no, that is
not innovative. How innovative is this really? What about the value,
and what do you get from that?' When I walked into this room
yesterday, they had hourglasses on the table, so if a
conversation got heated, they turned it over and we tried to
pick these winners as efficiently as we could. These winners, by
the way, every single one of our categories has one gold winner,
then we also have one or two finalists. How do we decide if
there is one or two finalists per category?

Jo Maitland: That really is down to how many entrants were in that category and
who really stood out there. We were not, we did not feel we were
forced in two finalists unless two of the companies really stood
out. If you win as a finalist you are really winning an award
here, this is not just an honorable mention. If you get into the
finalist category and you win a finalist award, you actually did
win something.

Brian Madden: Speaking of honorable mentions, how many of you now are
actually ready to start looking at the awards? Let us cut the
chit-chat and get on with it. Move along please. Our first
category is the private Cloud. Jo, I don't know if you want to
mention anything about this category, and what we are using to

Jo Maitland: Again, a lot of shuffling around here to figure out what is private
Clouds. We basically stick with the NIST definition which we are
doing as well, in our reporting. Basically, for private Cloud,
this is on-premise IT cloud. This is not virtual private Clouds
at a service provider, so Amazon Web Services and Virtual
Private Cloud Solutions would not fit in this category. Private
Cloud here strictly means an enterprise IT environment, so any
company that submitted in private Cloud that was really public
Cloud, got moved over. We really had to figure out this category
for a lot of people.

Brian Madden: For this category, we had one finalist and one gold winner. Let
us first mention the finalist for our private Cloud category was

Jo Maitland: Congratulations rPath.

Brian Madden: The winner in this category, Jo, the judges had a lot about to
say about this.

Jo Maitland: We say this really brings the iPhone experience to the enterprise.
Imagine this gold category that is going to win, think of it
being the iTunes for the enterprise, so it is a service catalog
of all your applications.

Brian Madden: From who do I get this service catalog of applications?

Jo Maitland: We will see. newScale.

Brian Madden: newScale 9 is our gold winner for the private Cloud. Is anyone
from newScale here? Is that you guys? Come this way.

Brian Madden: Give me three words. What is new Scale? Three words.

Executive: Cloud operating model.

Brian Madden: Cloud operating model, there we go.

Executive: Awesome. Thank you very much.

Brian Madden: We got our guy back there, Gabe has got a camera, so he is
waving at you, behind you, if you want to go over there and do a
couple words. So our next category, the public or hybrid Cloud.
Tell us about that, Jo.

Jo Maitland: Again, if you are a public Cloud provider and you are offering a
service which somebody can buy external to your IT resources in-
house. This is like Amazon ET2, this is third party services
basically, infrastructure-as-a-service; that is what we
classified here.

Brian Madden: We actually had two finalists in this category. Our first
finalist was Skytap with the Skytap Cloud.

Jo Maitland: Congratulations.

Brian Madden: Jo, our second finalist, actually do we have finalist awards to
give out?

Jo Maitland: We do.

Brian Madden: If those are here, can they come grab that?

Jo Maitland: Yes. Here he comes.

Brian Madden: Thank you. Our second finalist for the public and hybrid Cloud
. . .

Jo Maitland: Microsoft Azure. This is an infrastructure-as-a-service and a
platform-as-a-service product. Congratulations to Microsoft,
this is a big deal in this market right now. Cheers.

Brian Madden: Our winner in the public hybrid category, Best of VMWorld 2010,
Jo, the judges had this to say about it . . .

Jo Maitland: What did they say? 'The security services in this Cloud are better
than anything you can build in-house,' which is a seriously big
deal right now. The big arguments around going to a public Cloud
service are security, so this is where you can buy security in a
Cloud and it matches your in-house stuff.

Brian Madden: The vendor doing this great security stuff is . . .

Jo Maitland: Teramark.

Brian Madden: Teramark Worldwide, with the Enterprise Cloud. Is someone from
Teramark here? Alright. Three words on what Teramark Enterprise
Cloud is.

Executive: Secure cloud computing.

Jo Maitland: Nice.

Brian Madden: That is a good one. Alright, thank you. Go back there and see
our guy, Gabe. Wow, we at these Best of VMWorld Awards 2010
saved the best category for third, which of course, is desktop
virtualization. Give it up for desktop virtualization,
desktops. All right. Desktops are an area that I am somewhat
familiar with and as a matter of fact, I guess we all are. You
saw my desktop prowess, trying to get a Power Point to work on
two screens at the same time. Had that desktop been virtualized,
I feel strongly that it would have worked immediately.

This is a big category with a lot of growth this year, 42
exhibitors this year at the show who specifically have desktop
plays. We had 29 products that were submitted for inclusion in
our Best of VMWorld's voting. I should say, by the way, these
awards, these have to be shipping GA products, right?

Jo Maitland: Yes.

Brian Madden: This is not Best of VaporWare, all these winners and finalists
today; you can actually go out and buy these things. The desktop
category, for me, focused on desktop virtualization, I really
feel that of the 29 submissions we had, really, they were all
winners, because I love all 29 vendors exactly equally and their
products are all equal amounts of awesome. However, there were
some that were more awesome than others. Looking holistically at
the products, we actually picked two finalists. The first
finalist we went with was Virtual Computer for NxTop. The
reason, if there is anyone from Virtual Computers here, come on
forward. Flat out, first folks to actually ship a client
Hypervisor product; they have been shipping for a year and a
half. These are things that Citrix and VMware have been talking
about for a long time, but these folks have been shipping for,
as I said, about a year and a half, and have actual customers
giving them money and getting the benefits of virtualization
client Hypervisors today. For that, they get a finalist award.

The other finalist we had in the virtual desktop category was
Wanova, for their Mirage product. Is anyone from Wanova here?
Wanova's products, which, by the way, there is an irony, I
guess, come on up and get your little sign. I think there is an
irony in naming your product Mirage, but, everything we do is
virtual I guess, so it is alright. Ironically, Wanova's product,
though, client virtualization with no Hypervisor, so a great
hardware compatibility story, works on just about everything.
Migrates from Windows XP to Windows 7; the benefits of client
virtualization without an actual hypervisor.

That was a cool product, but for us, for the winner of this
product, and the winner in the desktop virtualization category
is a product you can actually set up a full end-to-end desktop
virtualization environment in less than an hour, and the get the
full HDX protocol suite. This is actually Kavisa, for their VDI-
in-a-Box Version 3. I am guessing they might be here. Three
words, what is Kavisa?

Executive 4: It is VDI that costs less than a PC.

Brian Madden: Apparently, I do not know if that means you are a marketing guy
or the products features guy. You get three features and they
are like, 'Yes, 14.' It is up and running, it is a auto-
configuring, it is VDI that anyone can build. They are in
version 3, and if you want to license the HDX protocol on top of
RDP, you can do that and snap it right into Kavisa. We feel
happy that they are the gold winner for these Best of VMworld
desktop virtualization 2010.

Our next category, business continuity and data protection. I
will tell you, I am a desktop person, so for me, data
protection, I mean, who needs data protection? It is just end
users. If they lose their data, that is their fault. I was
surprised though, how long and how vigorous the conversations
were about this category when we were deliberating yesterday in
the judges room.

Jo Maitland: This is big a category, there are over 30 companies exhibited in this
space. The judges ruled out anything that was hardware, they
ruled out anything that was not integrated with a hypervisor.
One of the judges said, 'This was just about protecting DNS.'
They look for products that could support multiple operating
systems, so anything that was Windows-only got kicked out. These
products are mature now, so this was a really difficult category
to pick winners from, and we got some standouts.

Brian Madden: We have one finalist in this category. Jo, tell us about the

Jo Maitland: The finalist here, Beam, this is a very competitive product in this
space, very, very full-function and a first market with a lot of
features: near CDP replication, instant file level recovery for
Window, Linux, this is a fully featured product.

Brian Madden: By the way, these signs, the idea with these is they will set
them in the booth, so as you are walking around the show the
rest of the day, today and tomorrow, you will be able to
identify who our finalists and who our gold winners were. In
this business continuity category, the judges about the winning
product said this:

Jo Maitland: 'One of the only companies that can resource any Hypervisor. This
product has changed the most in the past year,' so this is a
really, really big deal. If you want to restore to HyperV, you
can set that thing up in a truck in five minutes, so restoring
to any Hypervisor now is a big deal. We are looking at agility,
being able to move across platforms. Nobody has just one
Hypervisor anymore, so this is really important.

Brian Madden: The product that does that, this is Semantic Net Backup 7.
Alright. Anyone from Semantics Net Backup group here? Three

Executive: Comprehensive data protection.

Brian Madden: Comprehensive data protection, we will take it.

Executive: Thank you.

Brian Madden: If you could please, this way. Our next category, security and

Jo Maitland: This is a very interesting category. Obviously, security, as more and
more of the infrastructure gets virtualized, is extremely
important. A lot of legacy security products in there that do
not integrate with virtual environments, so it is important to
be able to virtualize physical and virtual environments.

Brian Madden: I thought that the reason we went to virtualization was so that
we would increase our security. So I am confused on why we need
products to help us with this.

Jo Maitland: Yes. As always, right?

Brian Madden: I can milk that desktop only thing all the way, as long as I
can. This category actually had a couple finalists. Our first
finalist was HyTrust, for the HyTrust Appliance. If anyone from
HyTrust is here come get your sign.

Jo Maitland: Thank you.

Brian Madden: The second finalist we had in this category, Catbirdm for
vCompliance 1.1.

Jo Maitland: This supports all the compliance orders out there. Congratulations
guys. Thank you.

Brian Madden: Obviously, we had a winner in this category. Also, the judges,
about the winner of this category talked about providing
comprehensive set to services.

Jo Maitland: Across the, this is a PR quote, I think, so I will leave this one
out. The winner was VMware, vShield. Congratulations guys. This
really upsets the security marketplace by the way, so if you are
in ecosystem of security providers you are screwed right now,
because this does everything. Well done guys.

Brian Madden: Three words. You are not screwed? I don't know.

Executive: Virtualization aware security.

Brian Madden: Virtualization aware security. Thank you. Congratulations to
VMware. Step back to your left please. Our next category is
virtualization management.

Jo Maitland: Again, a huge category, well over 30 companies in this space. We are
looking at things that can track and troubleshoot, virtual and
physical, all the way through the lifecycle of the applications
here. The more virtualized we get, the more abstracted
everything is, the tougher it gets to troubleshoot, so that is a
big category

Brian Madden: You say a big category, we actually have two finalists in this
category, also. The first finalist for virtualization management
is Zengati, for the Zengati Management Dashboard. We got Zengati
making their way forward.

Jo Maitland: Thank you.

Executive: Thank you.

Brian Madden: Our other finalist, these finalists, by the way, when we have
multiple finalists, they are in no order for these finalists,
but the other finalist for the virtualization management was
Veeam, with the Veeam ONE Solution.

Jo Maitland: Congratulations guys. This is an all-in-one here, monitoring,
change management, reporting.

Brian Madden: Our winner for virtualization management, this is pretty easy.
The judge's quote that, the money quote is actually "You do not
actually need a PhD to use this product".

Jo Maitland: Which is a big deal, a lot of this stuff is complicated to use. This
one is the exception to the rule.

Brian Madden: There we go. Our winner, vKernel Capacity Management Suites.
vKernel Capacity Management Suite, three words.

Executive: Capacity analytics engine.

Brian Madden: Alright. Thank you for not saying Capacity Management Suites.
Our next category is hardware for virtualization.

Jo Maitland: There is a ton of stuff in here, storage devices, networking devices,
everything but the kitchen sink in this category. I am surprise
the iPad did not make it in here.

Brian Madden: We also, in this category, had a couple finalists. For the
hardware products, one of our finalists is here was Compellent,
for Storage Center 5.

Jo Maitland: Congratulations. Whoever does not get real far will get
these guys, that is my bet.

Brian Madden: The other finalist we had in the hardware for virtualization
category, that goes to Xsigo IO Director.

Jo Maitland: Congratulations.

Brian Madden: Did I pronounce that right?

Executive 9: Xsigo.

Brian Madden: Xsigo, alright.

Jo Maitland: Thank you.

Executive 9: Thank you.

Brian Madden: Our winner for hardware virtualization, the judges were able to
share these thoughts with us.

Jo Maitland: 'All the site-to-site mobility stuff out there, things like vMotion
for DR, all of that would not be possible with this product's
stretch layer two capabilities.'

Brian Madden: If that does not give it away, our winner for hardware
virtualization is Cisco Nexus 7000, the Overlay Transport
Virtualization. Three words on what this is.

Executive: Simple, agile, efficient.

Brian Madden: Simple, agile, efficient.

Jo Maitland: Thank you.

Brian Madden: Would that not apply to every other category that won here, I
think? Big, fast, box. Wow, so we are down to one category
left, and that category is new technology. In the new
technology, talk about this category.

Jo Maitland: This is basically, anything that will ship between now and the end of
this year, so everything that you have seen previously is
already available. New technology has up until the end of the
year to be released.

Brian Madden: This is actually the one category where this is like looking .
. .

Jo Maitland: Forward.

Brian Madden: . . . looking forward, yes. Alright. In this category we had
one finalist and one winner. The finalist for new technology,

Jo Maitland: Is the Gluster Storage Platform. This is storage that deploys on X86
hardware, cheap, fast, highly scalable.

Brian Madden: I know that, I was not asking for three words from the
finalists, but I think we all want to know, Gluster, where does
that come from?

Executive: It is gnu plus cluster.

Jo Maitland: Open source.

Brian Madden: Alright. Gnu plus cluster. Thank you.

Jo Maitland: Very cool. Thank you.

Brian Madden: That is our finalist. Our winner in our new technology, the
judges share the thoughts, 'Very simple, awesome, vPower is
awesome. What is V Power? Veeam Software Veeam Backup
Replication 5.0 Enterprise Edition.'

Jo Maitland: You are. Thank you.

Brian Madden: All right. Veeam Backup and Replication, three words.

Executive: Changing your backup.

Brian Madden: Great. That way please. That concludes our standard round of
the eight categories. As Jo said, there is a Best of Show for
the overall event.

Jo Maitland: Yes, this a big deal. This is the product that stood out above all of
these in all of these categories, the one that really shown out
to the judges, and actually it was a very clear cut and dry.
This took like, in three hours of deliberation this took ten

Brian Madden: We talked about, if you thought that no more innovations around
backups, five patents pending. The winner of the Best in Show of
VMWorld 2010 Awards, with no further adieu presented by Search
Server Virtualization and TechTarget. Thank you for Jo and me,
goes to Veeam Software, for Veeam Backup Replication 5.0
Enterprise Edition. There is hugging. May I guess the three
words are. 'Love you man'?

Executive: I love you.

Brian Madden: Go back there to Gabe. This concludes the Best of VMWorld 2010
Awards. I want to thank all of you for submitting. I want to
remind you of the super awesome websites you have to learn more
about these things such as,,,,,
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for coming and for
entering today. Enjoy the rest of the show. Enjoy San Fransciso.
Enjoy your new $99 Apple TV.

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