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IT admin talks virtualization strategy

An IT admin discusses his virtualization strategy at VMworld 2010.

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IT admin talks virtualization strategy

Lauren Horwitz: I am here with Joseph Locker. Joseph, tell us what you do.

Joseph Locker: I am Assistant Admin, Team Lead for a utility
company in NorthTexas.

Lauren Horwitz: Tell us a little bit about how far along you are with your
virtualization deployment.

Joseph Locker: We are at about 80% virtualized at our physical servers.
That is a mix of our development and production.

Lauren Horwitz: OK. Tell us what kinds of applications you have virtualized.

Joseph Locker: We virtualized our people servers, exchange servers,
web server, pretty much everything, except for our Oracle AIX.

Lauren Horwitz: Why not Oracle AIX?

Joseph Locker: We are just not there yet. We have got a pretty good buy-in
from all the application owners to virtualize all those, but the AIX system, they
are still kind of, they are holding out, so.

Lauren Horwitz: Were there a couple bumps in the road that you can tell
us about?

Joseph Locker: Yes. We ran into system issues with our networking bandwidth
configuration. The way it was deployed, we did not have enough
bandwidth initially configured for vMotions and PRS, so we were
facing some performance issues. Also, memory on the host
started virtualizing a bunch of stuff and discovered we needed
more memory.

Lauren Horwitz: What did you do to fix that situation?

Joseph Locker: We are actually doing it now. We are upgrading the memory
on our hosts added more memory. We are looking at trunking, network
trunking, and increasing the bandwidth.

Lauren Horwitz: Do you have any thoughts on the change of licensing from per
processor to per VM licensing? Has that helped you at all?

Joseph Locker: I got no thought on that, actually.

Lauren Horwitz: No thought on that, OK.

Joseph Locker: Yes.

Lauren Horwitz: After today's keynote, which you went to, do you have any,
does the cloud roadmap makes more sense to you?

Joseph Locker: Yes, a little bit. We are still trying to figure out what that
is going to mean for our environment, the private cloud. I think, from my
understanding, is we have that now, but I do not know how the public cloud
is going to mix in with what we are doing right now.

Lauren Horwitz: You are considering that?

Joseph Locker: Yes. We are looking at it.

Lauren Horwitz: What are some of the other sessions you are attending here?

Joseph Locker: vSphere Admin, Networking, 4.1, vSeries 4.1 Overview,
we are looking at upgrading to that, ESXI, upgrading.

Lauren Horwitz: You are not using ESXI yet?

Joseph Locker: Not yet.

Lauren Horwitz: Do you have any concerns about moving to that?

Joseph Locker: Typically we are pretty conservative about being a bleeding
edge; we try to stay away from that. The exposure to all the sessions here
has got me feeling more comfortable with it, realizing it is the same kernel as
VSX, with just a little bit less overhead, so I think I will go back and we will make
some changes.

Lauren Horwitz: Great. Thank you very much for your time. Enjoy the show.

Joseph Locker: All right. Thank you.

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