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Private cloud challenges pushing more enterprises to a hybrid model

Eric Hanselman, Research Director for 451 Research, gives his impressions on private cloud challenges and hybrid cloud trends seen at Interop 2014 in Las Vegas.

After last year's Interop conference brought a wave of private cloud enthusiasm, this year Hanselman said he's seeing more companies are focusing on a hybrid cloud model after finding large-scale private cloud deployments difficult to manage. However, that doesn't mean moving to a hybrid cloud will be easy. Hanselman discusses some of the challenges to adopting a hybrid model, including having to deal with new platforms and the interconnection needed to move workloads seamlessly from on-site servers to an off-site hybrid cloud provider.

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"One of the things that is critically important about assessing that transition is figure out how you make that move. Can you do it with existing applications? Do you have application architectures that can actually support it? Absolutely built-from-new applications [are] great, no problem. But most enterprises today are trying to assess whether or not they can make that move with existing application architectures, and that's a challenge," Hanselman said.

However, hybrid clouds may not be the dominant model for the future of IT operations and companies are finding other ways to address private cloud challenges.

"When you start looking a couple years out, the largest growth area for enterprises and expectations about cloud overall, is moving to managed private cloud -- off-premises private environments that are actually managed by someone else," Hanselman said.

With the trend now toward shifting IT operations out of on-premises data centers in favor of hosted cloud providers, Hanselman also talks about the changing nature of IT jobs and what those trends mean for IT professionals.

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