Tester talks about competition at VMworld 2009

Rick Moy, president of independent tester NSS Labs, talks with editor Hannah Drake about competing vendor messages on the the VMworld 2009 show floor.

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Tester talks about competition at VMworld 2009

Hannah Drake: Hi, I'm Hannah Drake, Site Editor of SearchVMware.com. Today joining me, we have ...

Rick Moy: Rick Moy, President of NSS Labs.

Hannah Drake: So, Rick, what have you seen around the show floor today?

Rick Moy: Well, there are tons of vendors, tons of consultants, engineers, enterprises, a lot of activity on the floor. There's also a lot of messages from the vendors, and there's a lot of talk about server density, virtualization performance. There's a lot of competitive messaging between VMware, Xen, Citrix, Microsoft. A lot of talk like that. One of the things that I've noticed as an independent test lab are the claims of who's got the fastest, biggest and easiest to use solution, and there's measurements, performance and UDP. There's abstractions of the hardware layer, differences between processors, cert, blade cert technologies. So a lot of factors in this, and I think there's a lot of conversation about who's is bigger, faster, better. I think, frankly, from a lot of the consumer's [inaudible 01:09].

Hannah Drake: You mentioned that have a test lab, are you studying any of this in your test lab?

Rick Moy: Actually, we are. We're going to be coming out more in the next week on server virtualization performance, measuring five of the different hypervisors, delivering real workloads across patchy IIS web servers. What we're trying to do is determine the actual performance envelope of the different technologies within workable brands, trying to determine the usability of the solutions, as opposed to using generic, unrealistic numbers.

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