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Ask the Experts

  • Follow up to VMware how-tos: Oracle

    A reader wanted to know about VMware on Oracle. Expert Andrew Kutz searched high and low for a good answer, and ended up quoting a fellow IT-savant in his response.  Continue Reading

  • Virtualization management software

    A reader is searching for the best virtualization management software solution. He's even found a software company that our expert hasn't tried yet. Even so, expert Andrew Kutz advises him to save his money. Read this answer and find out why.  Continue Reading

  • Restored image creating IP problems

    Having trouble reconfiguring your IP address after restoring a virtual machine from a snapshot image in Microsoft Virtual Server 2005? Expert Serdar Yegulalp gives a few troubleshooting tips in this expert response.  Continue Reading

  • Optimizers for virtual machines?

    Looking for software to optimize the work of your virtual machines? Sometimes it's a good idea to use third-party solutions, sometimes not. Read this question and answer to see what the "office" thinks.  Continue Reading