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Ask the Experts

  • Virtualizing servers: What to monitor and where to get migration help

    A reader is in the process of picking which servers to virtualize with VMware, but like many IT system architects, doesn't have the ideal resources to bring in value-enhancing software or third-party vendors to help with the process. Expert Anil ...  Continue Reading

  • I/O limitations: A virtualization risk?

    Is input/ouput (I/O)limitation virtualization's downfall? Virtualization management expert Anil Desai says it is a virtualization concern--as it should be with other types of technologies. He also offers a few ways to increase I/O on virtualized ...  Continue Reading

  • Management tools

    A reader wanted to know what management tools he needs to run a virtualized environment. Expert Anil Desai answers his question and informs him that although similar to physical servers, virtualized servers do have their own management needs.  Continue Reading

  • Virtualizing Exchange?

    An Exchange administrator wrote in concerned that virtualizing Exchange with VMware, like his architecture team wants him to do, would be a mistake. Expert Andrew Kutz addresses the inquiry.  Continue Reading

  • Moving SQL server to a virtual server with VMware

    Heard that SQL shouldn't be moved to a virtual server? Expert Andrew Kutz says you can, but you might lose performance. He also offers solutions for typical VMware problems and some good reading material for beginners and experts alike.  Continue Reading

  • Virtual Server 2005 and RAID-5 configurations

    One of our readers is setting up their first virtual environment. The configuration he wants to put together isn't something he can find documentation on, so he wrote in to expert Anil Desai for help. Read this answer to see what he said.  Continue Reading