Performance and Consolidation in a Virtual World

Performance and uptime is critical to business success. From SQL to VDI, consolidation to scalability, performance throughout the data center is imperative. <br><br> Yet there is no shortage of choices. Find out what you need to know about performance, consolidation, application virtualization and more.

Virtualization Performance

Downtime is simply not an option when it comes to virtualization performance. It isn’t unreasonable for the business to expect 100% uptime, yet there are many facets that impact performance—from poor technology to excessive demands. Companies require the best possible performance at all times, and yet the potential for downtime lurks in every corner. Discover how to implement an architecture that provides ideal protection from outages. Continue Reading

Virtualized Web Applications

Legacy systems simply cannot support the performance requirements that today's applications require. And companies that stick with legacy are forced to either buy upgrades in a constant, unsustainable cycle or to allow performance to decline. <br><br> Learn how to ensure proper support for virtualized web applications, with the guaranteed uptime you need for a productivity boom. Continue Reading

Workload Consolidation

Without workload consolidation, the benefits of virtualization and the next-generation data center will not come to fruition. To implement a truly cost-effective and manageable next-gen data center, consolidation is the key. <br><br> Find out how workload consolidation combines with QoS and intelligent scaling to create the best path to maintaining high application performance. Continue Reading